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Tri State Barrel
June 10-11-12 Winona, MN
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LD Ranch
June 17-19 Sebeka, MN

South Country
July 8-10 Cardston, AB CAN
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Cowgirl Tuff - Tri State
July 15-17 Winona, MN
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Silver Sage
July 16-17 Brooks, AB CAN
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July 22-24 Fergus Falls, MN
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JJ Classic
Aug 5-7 Fergus Falls, MN
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Big J Barrel Blash
Aug 26-28 Waterloo, IA
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Bold Heart
Aug 26-28 Lincoln, NE
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Northern Lights
Sep2-4 Brandon, Manitoba
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Grid Iron Futurity & Derby
Sept 30-Oct 2 Huron, SD
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Verndale Futurity & Deby
Sept 30-Oct 2 Verndale, MN
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Hawki Futurity & Derby
Oct 7-9 Lincoln, NE
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S.D. Heartland
Futurity & Derby

Oct 21-23 Huron, SD
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2005 S.D. Heartland 3-D Futurity and Derby Results

October 29 and 30, 2005

1st Go Futurity (23 entries)


  1. Shanna Simon- Baby Blue Bonnie-14.664-$185.42
  2. Jill Moody-TM Bull T Frost-15.086-$111.25
  3. Jodie O’Bryan PC Red Nickel-15.132-$74.17
  4. Terry Moody-TM Josie Wood 15.201
  5. Amy Schimke-Chicks Love Diamonds-15.301
  6. Branda Marsh-Doc-15.488


  1. Shanna Simon- Burbon Red  Skipper-15.787-$127.92
  2. Lana Peterson-Smokin Script-15.864-$76.75
  3. Morgan Tessier-DL Dashing Dolly Dee-16.043-$51.17
  4. Kelli Shryock-Sage Bar Jet-16.227
  5. Cindy Jons-Dakota Bless Cody-16.338
  6. Jill Moody –TM Wood Wrangler-16.389
  7. Pam Vankekerix-BS Red Moon Cash-16.596


  1. Sandy Syrstad-Brumbie Dun IT-17.305-$99.17
  2. Syerra Christensen-Abbeys Lost Martina-18.087-$59.50
  3. Rena Brunick-KC Frenchmans Baby-18.192-$39.67
  4. Della Amdahl-Poco Maggie LA-20.395
  5. Sondy Kranz- Dinos Cutter Bill-21.349

Wendy Halweg-No Loly Dash-NT.

Nikki Knippling-Sunfrost Sis-NT.

Kara Joerger-Nugget Evans-NT.

Clara Ness-Pvertys Bridget-NT.

Ethel Whitcher-Red Hot Twister-NT.

2nd Go Futurity(23)


1.Shanna Simon-Baby Blue Bonnie-14.793-$185.42

2.Jill Moody- TM Bull T Frost-15.053-$111.25

3.Branda Marsh-Doc-15.163-$74.17

4.Amy Schimke-Chicks Love Diamonds-15.175

5. Jodie O’Bryan-PC Red Nickel-15.315
6. Wendy Halweg-No Loly Dash-15.528

7.Shanna Simon-Burbon Red Skipper-15.590

8.Lana Peterson-Smokin Script-15.648

 9.Clara Ness- Povertys Bridget-15.698


1.Terry Moody-TM Josie Wood-15.940-$127.92

2,Morgan Tessier-DL Dashing Dolly Dee 15.950-$76.75

3.Nikki Knippling-Sunfrost Sis-16.029-$51.17

4.Cindy Jons-Dakota Bless Cody-16.308

5.Syerra Christensen-Abbyes Lost Martina-16.527

6.Kelli Shryock-Sage Bar Jet-16.612

7.Pam Vankekerix-BS Red Moon Cash-16.679

8.Sandy Syrstad- Brumbie Dun It-16.788


1.Rena Brunick-KC Frenchmans Baby-17.129-$99.17

2.Jill Moody-TM Wood Wrangler-18.649-$59.50

(2n Go Futurity Con’t. 3-D)

3.Della Amdahl-Poco Maggie LA-19.126-$39.67

4. Sondy Kranz- Dinos Cutter Bill-19.847

Kara Joeger-Nugget Evans-NT.

Ethal Whitcher-Red Hot Twister-NT.

Futurity Average Winners(4-D)


1.Shanna Simons-Baby Blue Bonnie-Buckle

2. Jill Moody-TM Bull T Frost-Cross Head Stall

3. Jodi OBryan-PC Red Nickel- Embroidery Saddle Blanket


  1. Amy Schimke-Chicks Love Diamonds-Buckle
  2. Branda Marsh-Doc-Cross Headstall
  3. Terry Moody TM Josie Wood-Embroidery Saddle Blanket
  4. Shanna Simon- Burbon Red Skipper-Embroidery Hoodie


  1. Lana Peterson-Smokin Script-Buckle
  2. Morgan Tessier-DL Dashing Dolly Dee-Cross Headstall
  3. Cindy Jons-Dakota Bless Cody-Embroidery Saddle Blanket
  4. Kelli Shryock-Sage Bar Jet-Embroidery Hoodie
  5. Pam Vankekerix-BS Red Moon Cash-Tooled Bridle Bag


1.  Sandy Syrstad-Brumbie Dun It-Buckle

  1. Melodie Christensen-Abbys Lost Martina-Cross Headstall
  2. Jill Moody-TM Wood Wrangler-Embroidery Saddle
  3. Rena Brunick-KC Frenchmans Baby-Embroidery Hoodie
  4. Della Amdahl-Poco Maggie LA-Tooled Bridle Bag

Futurity Target Shoot-Out Winners

  1. Cindy Jons-Dakota Bless Cody-.030-$63.00
  2. Jill Moody TM Bull T Frost-.033-$42.00

1st Go Derby(26)


  1. Karin Greff-CJ Corna-!4.633-$204.17
  2. Kat Thompson-Wranglers Montana-14.743-$122.50
  3. Amber West-Jeat Away The Cash-14.779-$81.67
  4. Amber Thomas-Roan Will SOS-14.930-
  5. Nikki Knippling-Class of Dakota-14.970
  6. Michelle Brodkorb-Bald Eagle-15.038
  7. Jodi Nelson-Mewes Byline-15.173
  8. Shanna Simons-Charger San-15.195
  9. Randy Schuchard-Iris Beduino-15.72
  10. Whitney Knippling-Wily Vanzi Wood-15.536
  11. Jodie OBryan-PC Sunbody Special15.579


  1. Melodi Christensen-April Iron Horse-15.764-$139.17
  2. Shana Huls-BW Ona Dash-15.811-$83.50
  3. Kathie Bartlett-Majors Gold Bar-15.864-$55.67
  4. Terri Faatz-Tigers Gypsy-15.979     
  5. Jimmi Cable-Frenchmans Legacy-16.193
  6. Jill Hins –Dashers Vanzi Bar-16.392
  7. Kari Cable-Jesses Big Guns-16.501


  1. Krista Anderegg-Royals Diamonds Rio-16.762-$106.67
  2. Cristi Copsey-Easy Party Boy-16.802-$64.00
  3. Todd Tessier-Goose-18.192-$42.67

No Time

Morgan Tessier-Go Little Prize

Della Amdahl-Red Pack Wrangler

Jacquelynn Naatjes-Frechmans Glitter

Cathy Pirrung-Cash N Bar Fix

Mark Vankekerix-Mr. Stern Drifter

2nd Go Derby(26)


  1. Kat Thompson-Wranglers Montana-14.607-$204.17
  2. Amber Thomas- Roan Will SOS-14.961-$122.50
  3. Jodi Nelson- Mewes Byline-14.994-$81.67
  4. Randy Schuchard-Iris Beduino-15.065
  5. Michele Brodkorb-Bald Eagle-15.274
  6. Morgan Tessier- Go Little Prize-15.278
  7.  Whitney Knippling-15.422


  1. Kathie Bartlett-Majors Gold Bars-15.632-$139.17
  2. Cristi Copsey-Easy Party Boy-15.724-$83.50
  3. Jodi OBryan-PC Somebody Special-15.836-$$55.67
  4. Mark Vankekerix-MR. Stearn Drifter-15.934
  5. Melodi Christensen-April Iron Horse-16.013
  6. Della Amdahl-Red Pack Wrangler-16.104
  7. Shanna Simons-Charger Sans-16.397
  8. Jacquelynn Naatjes-Frenchmans Glitter-16.446
  9. Kari Cable-Jesses Big Guns-16.470

       10.  Jimmi Cable-Frenchmans Legacy-16.509

3-D (2nd Go Derby Con’t.)

  1. Todd Tessier-Goose-16.736-$106.67
  2. Krista Anderegg-Royal Diamonds Rio-17.029-$64.00
  3. Amber West-Jet Away the Cash-26.683-$42.67

No Time

Karin Greff- CJ Corna

Terri Faatz-Tigers Gypsy

Shana Huls-BW Ona Dash

Cathy Purrang-Cash N Bar Fix

Jill Hins-Dashers Vanzi Bar

Nikki Knippling Class of Dakota

Derby Average Winners(4-D)


  1. Kat Thompson-Wranglers Montana-Buckle
  2. Amber Thomas-Roan Will SOS-Embroidery Hay Feeder
  3. Jodi Nelson Mewes Byline-Embroidery Saddle Blanket
  4. Michele Brodkorb-Bald Eagle-Embroidery Hoodie


  1. Randy Schuchard-Iris Benuino-Buckle
  2. Whitney Knippling-Wily Vanzi Wood-Embroidery Hay Feeder


  1. Jodi OBryan-PC Somebody Special-Buckle
  2. Kathie Bartlett-Majors Gold Bars-Embroidery Hay Feeder
  3. Shanna Simons-Charger Sans-Embroidery Saddle Blanket
  4. Melodi Christensen-April Iron Horse-Embroidery Hoodie
  5. Cristi Copsey-Easy Party Boy-Tooled Bridle Bag


  1. Krista Anderegg-Royal Diamonds Rio-Buckle
  2. Todd Tessier-Goose-Embroidery Hay Feeder
  3. Amber West-Jet Away the Cash-Embroidery Saddle Blaket

Derby Target-Shoot-out Winners

  1. Kari Cable-Jesses Big Guns-.031-$69.00
  2. Whitney Knippling-Wily Vanzi Wood-.114-$66.00

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