Contestant Information

(updated for 2018)


Contestants can find information on various futurities & derbies online by signing up to be e-mailed
notifications as new futurities are certified, as well as compete for series awards. Plus, winners will
be locally & nationally advertised for you’re accomplishments for one full year. The NRF Tour is a
great way to promote contestants, barrel horses & breeders in the Midwest. By becoming a NRF
Tour finalist you and your colt become noticed in the futurity world and helps bring buyers in touch
with you.

Members will earn points by entering and competing in participating futurities in a 2D Full Second
Split. Derby points are earned on a 2D half second split.

* Members will receive e-mail notifications of event news/changes, updates,
payment due dates and reminders when payments are due.
• Results and Photos will be published on NRFTOUR.com results page and news
page, and eHorseHotline (flash notifications list) & NRF Tour Face Book Fan
• Year End Champions will be interviewed and will be published in national

2D Point System. Full Second Split Futurity. Half Second Split for Derby.
• 20 points for 1st in each division, 19 for second, 18 for third and so on…..1 point
for 20th in each division.
• Points are given on each open long go. No points for average or short go’s.
• Points are tabulated by horse. Horse may earn points with multiple riders
*** Side note - all Maturity Events:  Points are based on only derby horses in the class.  We take all maturity horses (horses over 7 years old) out of the results before tabulating points.

Contestant Costs:
• $50.00 to nominate. Each horse must have a completed NRF Tour nomination form
on file in the NRF Tour office before competing.

****100% of contestant fees will go toward series awards for the contestants at the end of the year & advertising.

NRF Tour Awards:
Depending from year to year on the number of tour events and members determines how
many awards we give out in each D.
WE are always excepting sponsors to help out with yearend awards



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