Producers Information

(updated for 2018)


Producers work together to promote all futurities in the Upper Midwest Region. Our network of
futurities offers a great way for producers to advertise and promote their event economically and
give their contestants the added incentive bonus of running for awesome series awards. Your
event will be locally & nationally advertised.

• Advertising your event on the NRFTOUR.com website along with many other websites including:
  • BarrelFuturities.com
  • eHorseHotline.com
  • Greatlakesequine.com
  • BarrelHorseHeaven.com
  • HorseEvents.info
  • BarrelHorses.com
  • Face book –Northern Region Futurity Fan Page

• Advertising on all NRF Tour flyers, posters, thank you cards & banners                                             
• NRF Tour Events will be advertised in ALL TOUR Events programs. Producers working together to help promote NRF Tour Events

*NRF Tour will be advertising in many barrel prospect sale catalogs, Horse Digests Magazine.
• Your event results and photos will be published on line on NRF TOUR results page and news page, and eHorseHotline (flash notification list)
• NRF Tour logo will be on all tour event websites to link contestants to your event
• We will mass email contestants futurity/derby event flyers, news, changes and payment due dates and reminders when payments are due.
• By certifying your event you are allowing futurity and derby contestants a chance to earn points for year-end awards

o $150.00 Annual Fee   *Annual fee to certify your events due March 1, 2018


New for 2018:  NRF Tour will only Approve Limited Number of Tour Events.  With the increased number of event requests to approve with the NRF Tour we decided to make some changes to keep the Tour growing in a positive direction.  Since the Northern Region is a short show season and so many show requests we feel it’s only fair to these young horses to limit the number of Futurity/Derby Events in the Northern Region. Our nominations over the past 5 years has grown way past our goal which is very exciting for the NRF.  We want the approved events to be SPEICALIZED to a limited number of events instead of saturating the market with so many approved tour events, 


*                       Futurity & Derby MUST be separate runs with 2 Go’s.        CAN NOT be a side pot from your OPEN 4D Class. 

  • $1,500 Minimum added for futurity & $750 Minimum added for the Derby
  • Average Awards to the Futurity & Derby 1D & 2D winners
  • Futurity 2D format, 1 second split & Derby 2D format, ½ second split
  • All futurity/Derby horses are required to mail in a copy of their registration papers for nominated horses to event producer
  • It is the responsibility of the producer to check all futurity horses’ status.
  • All futurity/derby horses must be checked in at your event prior to running.  Paper worked must match the nominated horse at the event and MUST BE NUMBER ON THE HORSES HIP!
  • Producers promote the NRF Tour on their website, entry forms, event flyers & full-page ad in your event program.     (NRF Tour will provide the ad)
  • Futurity & Derby Draw listed in your event program and NRF Tour Flyer
  • Producers required to email the draw to the NRF so it can be posted on the website
  • Display the NRF Tour banner on arena fence at your show (NRF Tour will provide banner)
  • Send complete results of your event to Casey Varpness by the Tuesday following your event.  This way we can update the NRF Tour current standings, News Page and send out a News Flash on eHorseHotline.com promptly after your event.
  • Event sanctioning forms must be received by March 1, 2018.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason. NRF Tour management has the final say on all rulings
  • Annual fee to certify your event will be due March 1, 2018 – See Printable Producer Application – Shows can be approved after Due date by NRF Tour management.  This is in case of a facility change which is out of the control of producer.


**100% certification fee & contestant fees go toward series awards for the contestants at the end of the year.


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